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Client Events

 (Contains 663 photos)
Direct Dance Show 2017 portfolio
 (Contains 536 photos)
Hemraj Goyal Foundation Ball 2017 portfolioFor all Print purchases 50% of sales value will be donated and for digital images £10 for each image will be donated to the Hemraj Goyal Foundation.
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 (Contains 326 photos)
Keeping Abreast Glitter Ball 2017 portfolioImages will be online from midday Monday May 15th
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 (Contains 1267 photos)
Keeping Abreast More Than Just Fashion Shows 2016 portfolioThe Keeping Abreast 2 day event held at The Open, Norwich October 2016.
 (Contains 171 photos)
YMCA Ball September 2016 portfolioPlease note: Images displayed are unedited and if ordered will be cropped and edited for colour correction, thank you.
 (Contains 46 photos)
An Evening with Sir Michael Parkinson ~ NCFC, March 11th portfolio